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Lulada Club - all female salsa band

 All-Femme Salsa 

From cali,colombia to NYC 

Lulada Club was created when Colombian-American artists Andrea Chavarro (Vocals) and Katherine Ocampo (Tenor sax) met at a jam session in Cali, Colombia.  It was not only love at first sight but also the beginnings of a musical project Andrea had dreamed about for years: an all-female salsa band. After moving to NYC in 2018, together they gathered a collective of eight vibrant musicians, each brilliant in her own right, to join and blend a vintage tropical mix of salsa, boogaloo, bolero, and cha cha cha.  Their nostalgic boleros will make abuelitas everywhere cry, and their powerful salsas compel even the shyest introverts to the dance floor.  These ladies bring excitement and charm to the stage, and their contagious energy will keep crowds dancing all night long

What is Lulada? Lulo is a tangy, delicious, subtropical fruit native to Colombia. Una Lulada is a refreshing drink that you can only find in Cali, Colombia and is emblematic of La Capital de la salsa.